Trinity Pope Tree Lot


Established in 1983, Pope Tree Lot has been providing fresh cut Fraser Firs to Houston for 36 years.  In 2018, we partnered with Trinity LLC which enabled us to establish a new centrally located and convenient site. This will help us continue providing the best quality and service which we always strive to maintain. 


We provide a fresh premium grade North Carolina Fraser Fir delivered to your home and set up in the spot of your choice.


Through the years Pope Tree Lot has had a goal of finding a home for each tree and also supports local non-profit organizations and less fortunate families, including the Sunshine Kids Foundation, Palmer Drug Abuse Program (PDAP) and project Head Start.


The Fraser Fir has three primary characteristics that enable it to be considered the premier Christmas Tree. It's strong aromatic fragrance, rich blue green color and incomparable needle retention add to its ever increasing popularity. All premium trees have a full (360 degree view) and uniform density and shape. All trees will have a medium taper, narrow and wide tapers are available upon request. The tree is measured to the top whirl, and there is an additional 4 to 6 inches of tree leaders (tip).


Tree Selection

Each year during the selection process all of the trees are graded by a group of criteria including shape, uniformity, branch structure, color and tip.  Typically only one to five percent of all trees viewed meet the requirements of our high grading standard.  In order for the trees to have maximum longevity special measures are taken before and after the trees arrive in Houston.    

This is achieved with a unique combination of individual tree selection and special handling.  This would include protecting the trees from sun and wind during harvest, as well as refrigeration during transport, to ensure a vibrant tree through the New Year. 

Tree Care

The most important thing to remember in order to preserve the trees freshness is to maintain water in the tree stand.  Our trees are cut days before shipping to Houston and will typically take in water after a fresh cut.  If the water bowl is dry for more than half a day a seal can form and prevent the tree from absorbing additional water, thus causing it to dry out sooner. It is important to mention that all trees are different and some may take more water than others.

In addition to water maintenance, keeping the tree away from heating/cooling vents and turning off the lights overnight will also help preserve freshness.

Please check you trees water level daily!